Yesterday at the end of the day I got to try on the skirt from Enchanted. It just so happens I’m the exact same size as Susan Sarandon’s stunt double. Eduardo took 2 pictures, he’ll give them to me next week.
Also, Cindy Lauper came in for a fitting today. She brought her son with her, who was about 7 and was very enthusiastic about the dogs in the studio. I didn’t get to actually talk to her, but it was really cool that she was there.
I’m going to pick up some fabric today to start making my sister’s purple wings. I sneakily convinced her to be a seraphim for halloween so I can make her an awesome costume.


Usually when I make something I really like, be it a costume, or a sculpture, or some kind of furniture, anything three dimensional, I injure myself. Usually it’s something minor, like sticking a needle in my hand, or getting blisters on my fingers from wires or tools. Today Susan Sarandon’s evil queen costume from Enchanted came in for repairs. I had only seen rejected parts of it lying around, but when the actual costumes came, they were amazing. There were three, two main costumes, and one for the stunt double. What I had to do was re-glue the panels of the skirt and tail, and tacked down fabric to them. I ended up bleeding from my fingers when dacking the binding down, perhaps proving that I thought the costume was amazing. I mentioned to Eduardo that I couldn’t wait to see how the costume looks on screen, and he showed me pictures he took of Susan Sarandon at the fitting. Martin always gives me a bemused expression when I’m overly enthusiastic about things. When I was going to leave, I mentioned how much I loved the costume, and that evil queens get the best outfit. So Eduardo said “perhaps tomorrow, if you are a good girl, you can try on the stunt double costume and we can take a picture”
I got a lot of ideas form the tail, and I might start making my mermaid costume tonight, after I make a black dress to wear to work at Theory. The dress code is so elusive and subtle there, I just cant get a grip on it. It can be casual, but everyone dresses trendy and as though their clothes are brand new.
Anyway, I’ll try to post some pictures of tthe dresses when I finish them.