Yesterday at the end of the day I got to try on the skirt from Enchanted. It just so happens I’m the exact same size as Susan Sarandon’s stunt double. Eduardo took 2 pictures, he’ll give them to me next week.
Also, Cindy Lauper came in for a fitting today. She brought her son with her, who was about 7 and was very enthusiastic about the dogs in the studio. I didn’t get to actually talk to her, but it was really cool that she was there.
I’m going to pick up some fabric today to start making my sister’s purple wings. I sneakily convinced her to be a seraphim for halloween so I can make her an awesome costume.


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  1. you have not updated in some time, my friendi’m not stalking you i sweardoes this remind you of the time i had like a million naked drawings of you hanging up in my studio? hahahahaha oh god i’m the creepy friend

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