New Projects in the Making!

I haven’t updated this in a while, due to lack of interest. However, it has occurred to me that posting news about new projects of mine and photos of my artistic endeavors/adventures is a lot easier to achieve by doing it here, rather than updating my website all the time.

Right now,  I am working on multiple projects: 
-a dress for a performance in the Ontological Theatre, in Saint Mark’s Place, NYC
-a collaborative project with my friend Andy (, in which we will design 12 costumes for a fashion show in Columbus, Ohio
-a film project for myself. I am writing a script/screenplay for a film about the monarchical structure of the playing cards in Alice in Wonderland. The story will be more about corruption and loss of power, misinformation, and transcendance than about the actual story written by Lewis Carroll. Alice will be a side character who affects things, rather than a main element.
So that’s what I have on my plate right now. We will see if I ever get to doing the film project, but I will keep my fingers crossed.
Also, hopefully I will get around to updating my website soon, but for now viewers can have a gander at my older work.
More info on showdates soon!