Preview of Dances of Vice costumes

Though I will be posting much better photos later on, here are a few shots of the costumes I made in order to attend Dances of Vice.  It was two nights of amazing music, dancing, fashion shows, and people watching. There were a great many photographers there, and I was very flattered that a few of them wanted to take my picture. If I find any of said photos amidst my internet wanderings, I will post a link to them. On the second night, I went with my unsuspecting friend Grant, and we were photographed by people from Fangoria Magazine, and were interviewed by MTV, who was there in order to create a show about steampunk.  

My costume for the first night of the festival, which took place at the Montauk, a lovely clubhouse in Brooklyn.

Three hours prior to leaving on the second night. Punching grommets in my corset, with my dear furry friend Shana standing guard.
Fully assembled, with my friend Voon, at Rebel NYC in Manhattan.

Grant, me, and a tube-headed fellow named Jessie that we met.  Grant had been disconcerted about having nothing to wear to this event, and I told him not to make excuses, and thus he is wearing one of the explorer costumes from the performance that Andy and I are writing.  You will be seeing this costume again very soon…

And lastly, on a side note, Andy and I found this strange scabby life form growing in one of the dye pots at work. We expressed to our boss that it might get so big it will take over the studio, and he responded by saying that was how he intended to get rid of us all…
To conclude, Dances of Vice was spectacular, and I am going to attempt to have a fashion show at one of their future events, as well as finally showing the performance Andy and I are working on.

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