When Left to my Own Devices

Ah yes, knitting Christmas presents… but a dress for the dog? This is what happens when Kristin has a weekend to herself. My excuse is that I just wanted to try that red yarn at the store, I just wanted to make something small,  to see how the stitches work…
Sigh, well anyway, for the record, I don’t actually agree with putting clothing on animals, unless it is sheep that have just been shorn, however, if I did not produce something suitable for the holidays, I could rest assured that my mother or sister would have had a field day in the doggy sweater section of Petco.  Thus, Lulu the family dog is now the proud owner of a ruffly wool sweater. 
Now if only I had time to make the sweater I made for my dad I promised him 3 years ago…


What Happens When I Rest

As it happens, I have had a bit of time to rest, as Thanksgiving took place last week, and I am not doing any extra projects right now. Thus, I have been able to knit and paint, two of my favorite activities that get pushed to the side when I have too many deadlines on my plate.  Here are a couple things I have been tinkering with for the past few days.
These are two different presents for two different people named Jack. The button elf hat is for my 2 year old nephew, the scarf is for my friend, who I told last Christmas he would be receiving a scarf. I let time get away from me, and right after this Thanksgiving, he informed me that if I didn’t start on it soon, he would buy one at a shop, being that his neck had been quite cold for a while. So, it took a whole year, but in the end, I made the scarf in about 3 days. And I am sure he will never let me live it down.

A study of my friend Edward, a rather gifted illustrator, holding my snake Jasmine.


Next up, on my knitting needles is a scarf-hat for my grandmother, and a sweatervest that a certain Andy has been expecting for half a year, as I have the tendency to tell people what I wish to make for them long before I ever intend on beginning. However, a yarn store near where I work has invited me to join a knitting circle on Thursday nights, so hopefully I will continue to complete many Christmas presents before Christmas! Hooray!

Photos from This Weekend

A model from the Bust shoot on Sunday, wearing the Astrolabe skirt that Andy made and I helped with.

Another model from the Bust shoot, reading off set. He is wearing my dad’s flight goggles. Those things have been in so many photographs!  Everyone who ends up wearing them is surprised that they were actually really used for what they were made for rather than just an accessory.

My friend Jenette Roehrich and I in dresses I made, at Dances of Vice on Saturday.

Olivia Gagne and Jenette. Olivia made her wonderful outfit out of drapes, Scarlett O’Hara style!
More pictures soon perhaps, when I have time to edit them.

My Activities for the Last and Next Couple Days

Yesterday, things were slow at work, so my boss set us to clean up the studio. As I was painting a white bookshelf white, a little white dog with a smile on its face ran up to me and wiggled. I pet it, then entered a conversation with my boss and the dog’s owner. Who ended up being none other than Susan Sarandon, who was in for a fitting.  The dog’s name turned out to be Penny, and Susan told us about how she brings her to shoots, and she ends up being in films with her, since she is such a good little dog. It was nice finally meeting Susan, as when I first started working at Izquierdo’s, I worked on her costume for Enchanted.  Tim Robbins was also in for a fitting, and he was so tall, he had to duck his head to make sure he cleared the doorways.

Aside from that bit of excitement, I have been under the weather for the past week, and hope to recover in time for Dances of Vice tomorrow evening, in which I will be accompanied by my best friend Jenette, and my father. Whom I will force to wear a top hat.
Then, the day after tomorrow, I am loading my jeep up with costumes in order to supply them for a photo shoot in Bust Magazine. So keep an eye out! Pictures of Vice and perhaps the Bust shoot coming soon!

More from the Grand Chrononaut’s Tea

Two lovely photo collages from a photographer named Adrian Buckmaster.

Some video footage from my fashion show at Brooklyn Indie Market: you can view video from the first half of the show HERE, where the first 4 models are mine.
and the second half of the show HERE.  The first 2 models in this set are mine, as are the last 4.  I am a fan of how my good friend and model Grant works the crowd in this one.
The sound quality is not the best in these videos, but at least it gives a chance to see everyone’s work in motion, which is great because there were a lot of amazing designers there. You can even see a certain Mr. Buckmaster in some of the footage, sporting a lovely hat and a fabulous mustache.

Some Photos from the Vault!

I am attempting to update my Flickr account to make it more up to date, as I have hundreds of photos I would love to post and thoroughly label.  Here are some scrumptiously silly old scenarios that I am having a hard time categorizing:

From Left to right, me, Amanda Klimek, and Mary Benyo, in a photo set by Jamie Herman.  All three of those ladies are immensely talented! The purple dress is one I made for a project about the Three Graces.

Sam Bennett and I after completing Karolina Kurkova’s wings for the 2007 Victoria’s  Secret Fashion Show. Our faces (seen through an opening in the wings) show our joy at finally being done, and we pooped glitter for a week afterwards. Well, I certainly did!  I will be posting pictures from the wings this year very soon!

Andy and I the day after our fashion show in Ohio in June this year. We both had massive headaches, but stopping at a place entitled “Grandpa’s Cheesebarn” and making hair mustaches was an experience that one tells to their children later in life, so we couldn’t miss it.