What Happens When I Rest

As it happens, I have had a bit of time to rest, as Thanksgiving took place last week, and I am not doing any extra projects right now. Thus, I have been able to knit and paint, two of my favorite activities that get pushed to the side when I have too many deadlines on my plate.  Here are a couple things I have been tinkering with for the past few days.
These are two different presents for two different people named Jack. The button elf hat is for my 2 year old nephew, the scarf is for my friend, who I told last Christmas he would be receiving a scarf. I let time get away from me, and right after this Thanksgiving, he informed me that if I didn’t start on it soon, he would buy one at a shop, being that his neck had been quite cold for a while. So, it took a whole year, but in the end, I made the scarf in about 3 days. And I am sure he will never let me live it down.

A study of my friend Edward, a rather gifted illustrator, holding my snake Jasmine.


Next up, on my knitting needles is a scarf-hat for my grandmother, and a sweatervest that a certain Andy has been expecting for half a year, as I have the tendency to tell people what I wish to make for them long before I ever intend on beginning. However, a yarn store near where I work has invited me to join a knitting circle on Thursday nights, so hopefully I will continue to complete many Christmas presents before Christmas! Hooray!

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