Back from the Great North!

I am back from my Canadian adventure, and it was AMAZING. I have discovered that I heart Toronto, even after spending one day there. I am actually going back up to Barrie, a city just north of Toronto again this weekend, for a photo shoot based around 18th century themes, and I am just as excited as I was before!

Pictures soon, right now, I have to finish the movie poster for Love For Sale, the film I was working on for the Cannes film festival.


Disappearing Bodies

The one night gallery show at Envoy Gallery has come and gone, and it was great fun to be there and see everyone’s work and I hope to take part in more events like it in the future. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of belonging to a generation of young artists who make work because they are passionate about it, not necessarily because they are getting paid for it.

A news article about the event from the New York Press can be found HERE.

Currently, I am trying to pack the costume in the below post (the one on Andy) into a suitcase so as to bring it to Envoy Gallery tomorrow night.  It is an interesting process and I am using shoelaces to keep the zippers closed.  

Despite the interesting packing, it is part of a show themed around Disappearing Bodies. Envoy Gallery is located at 131 Chrystie Street, between Broome and Delancey
Aside from that, I am going to be starting to paint the movie poster for Love For Sale, the short film I worked on for the Cannes Film Festival. It will be showing in the short film corner.
I am also preparing to venture up to Toronto for Alternative Fashion Week, which is so exciting I am doing mental wiggly dances almost constantly. Though I am incredibly excited for the fashion show, and seeing everyone else’s work,  I am also excited about being able to explore Toronto a little bit the day after the show. If anyone knows of  interesting things I should check out while I am there, let me know!

Agenda for April

Modeled by Andy Jordan

Modeled by Mary Benyo

Modeled by Genevieve Cerri

Well, I thought that after my shows were over, I’d be able to rest a bit, but alas, no.  But the good news about that fact is that I am going to be working on many great projects.

First, a short film for the Cannes film festival, with Director Itsi Atkins, and filmographer Stephen Stuart.  My title on the project is Production designer, and I also get to direct one of the scenes, which should be a challenge, since I haven’t directed any film work for about 4 years. I also get to paint the movie poster, which I will relish. Alas, More on that later…

In other news, I am planning on venturing up to Toronto for Alternative Fashion Week, which I am able to do through Imago Magazine, A publication with some very lovely fashion shoots.  This was an amazing stroke of luck, and I figured I would have to wait for next year, as the organization had stopped accepting applications for this year. However, Shien Lee, who runs Dances of Vice, introduced me to the editor of Imago Magazine, and now I’m saving for gas money, and packing up my Little red riding hood costumes!
Oh yes, and though I don’t know many details yet, the painted dress shown above will be in a one night exhibit, along with many other artist’s creations. 
And The day I’m leaving for Canada, I am modeling for my friend and co-conspirator Claire Aquila in her Fashion thesis at Pratt. She is doing an amazing collection based loosely on the characters from Neil Gaiman’s epic The Sandman.  I play the character of Death, fittingly.  Pictures to follow, when I have them. 
So decent amounts of sleep, it seems, may have to wait till after April!