Necklaces for Sale!

I have made a few necklaces as preliminary designs for my small “Seabirds and Sandstone” collection, the first installment in my small ready to wear line.  Two of these are for sale, one I will save to release with the rest of the collection. Find them on my Etsy page!


Plans in the making…

I have decided today, that due to my love for expanding on a theme, I am going to create a mini collection of five looks, incorporating couture techniques and other handwork. There will of course be spine tingling painted corsetry and mysterious knitted objects. After these five looks are completed, they will be for sale on my Etsy page. 

I start creating them full force tomorrow. Await pictures.

Canadian Adventures!

I have returned from Canada bearing pictures, and too many stories to count! I went up first, to Toronto for FAT, Toronto’s Alternative Arts and Fashion Week. I showed 12 or 13 pieces with the Imago Magazine Collection. Many other designers contributed, and had some really cool stuff. There was also a very talented body painter there. To see video of that collection, click HERE.
Then, after FAT, I went back up to Canada a week later to a city about an hour north of Toronto named Barrie. This time, it was for a show promoting the models of International Model Management. I met a really great photographer there named David Hou, and he took the below photos of my costumes. He has a great website that you should check out! I only know some of the model’s names, but If I find out more, I will post them.

Modeled by Grace Cairns

I believe this model’s name was Marta, though I could be wrong.

Modeled by Michael, and a lovely model who was a great sport about wearing my knitted dress which can be uncomfortably warm.

Modeled by Dani Thompson
When I went up this time, I got to stay at Sandra Robert’s house, who is the editor of Imagozine.  She had an amazing house right by Lake Ontario, and it was filled with art, and inspired me greatly. I will definitely be working with her again, as she is a great stylist, and an awesome person. We might just be planning something for August. I shall keep you posted!