A Review of FAT

HERE is a rather humorous review that made quite a few allusions to my pieces in the Imago Zine collection at the FAT show in Toronto. It made me laugh anyway.  It was a crazy show indeed.



I have my first few yards of latex coming to me in the mail, and they should be here by Monday!!!  I am very much looking forward to playing with them, and experimenting with the material. I already have plans to make leggings to go with one of my Wind Up Toy costumes.

The colors I ordered (because remnants of them were on clearance) are black and pearlescent purple. I’m so excited!

Updates and Inspirations

I have been very inspired as of late, and have my hands in many different pies. And hence, no one else really wants to eat the pies anymore, since my hands have been squishing them around, but that is just fine by me.

Here are some photos that have been inspiring me!

This is the model Elva, shot by the talented Nadya Lev. Unfortunately, I do not know the designer’s name.

These two are looks from the House of Bias.
The reason photos such as these have been inspiring me is I have decided I want to try out a new medium for costume making: Latex! I have found a few suppliers of sheeting I am interested in, and once I can save up enough to procure a decent amount, I will be trying this stretchy material in many different ways. It also makes sense to me in a business sense, because it is more acceptable for latex clothing to be handmade, and then sold. I particularly like the idea of creating the things I sell, rather than outsourcing.
I may even use latex to accessorize my NEW COLLECTION! Hooray! I feel my break since my Red Riding Hood collection has lasted long enough! My new collection is based around the concept of wind-up toys, leaning heavily in a steampunk direction. Currently, I am almost done with the first costume, and will soon have a photo shoot with it, so it can be a preview for the 10 looks to come.
Also, I may be part of a steampunk documentary for NHK, Japan’s public television, and hopefully will be collaborating with the very talented dance group, Desert Sin.
Also, Dances of Vice is having an event at Company XIV‘s space! I hope to see everyone there!
More news to come, when I know more about my collaborations!