I am doing some of the costumes for this performance! Everyone come out and see it! Also, go peruse the dance company’s site HERE.


Steampunk Show for NHK

Though I take quite a few liberties on the steampunk theme, I think the show went very well. HERE is an article from Time Out New York, featuring many of my costumes, though I’m not credited at all.

See if you can find the new costume! (Hint: It is on a lovely blonde model named Anna Boman) I also wore a new pair of latex pants that I made, my first foray into the world of rubber clothing. They need some adjustments, and it was an interesting experience to say the least, but I am certain that there is more to come in the near future.
Next on my to do list, another steampunk wind up toy costume for next Saturday’s Dances of Vice, and some bird costumes for Desert Sin dance troupe.