Mermaid Skirt I made!

I made this skirt with Andy Jordan, and hand stitched those coins to a spandex base. Claire Aquila and Ananda Keator also helped us, especially at crunch time, right before it had to be picked up. I also had made a big tail fin, which took many hours, though true to form, isn’t even depicted in the ad. I made this when I was working with Izquierdo Studios, which does many awesome projects like this.

We also like to try things on sometimes before we send the out, and you can see a picture of my beloved Andy trying on this tail HERE.

Corset inspiration

So, I got myself good and sick, and the doctors said I had to take a day off from work, so I have been researching other corset makers and wearers, and it brought me to THIS. A gallery of fun and inspiring corsets!

I will soon be trying to bring my love of making corsets to a more profitable level, and have been attempting to vend at various renaissance fairs and vend in fetish stores. More news on that when I have more to report. I am going to focus on painted corsetry, since it gives me a chance to paint more, and less people are doing it, so I presume it stands out a bit more. we shall see what the future has in store.
Funny thing is, I worked on a film a few months ago, (I can’t say which one it was for contractual reasons) I was just starting to paint pictures on corsets, when one of the main actresses walked by in her costume, and she was wearing a corset with an old looking (and very lovely) painting on it. It was one of those “every time I have a good idea, someone else has already done it!” moments.
Oh well. Hopefully I can make something that will stand out and perhaps actually make me some money!