More Seamonster Pictures!!

I was really lucky on this project to be working with many very talented people. I had 4 professional dancers, who not only looked great and danced spectacularly, but helped coach the non-dancers in being really expressive with their movement. I also was able to work with some great photographers, and of course the wonderful Shien Lee, who puts the Dances of Vice events together.

This photo is by Celine Gaille, a lovely photographer whom I am going to be working with a lot more in the future.
The following photos are by Michael Gwilliam.

Dancer Emily Edwards, who I first met that day, and was more amazing than I could have expected.

Me in my Nautilus costume, which at some point will probably have a new paintjob

Djahari Clark and Zahra Hashemian, dancers from Desert Sin

Renata Bergen, also of Desert Sin

Grant Newton, a ship enthusiast.

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