Desert Sin Scylla Costumes!

These are the costumes I made for Desert Sin to perform in at the BellyFusions Festival in Paris! I am so excited by these pictures, taken by Jeremy Tressler, since these are my first costumes that have ever been seen in France!

Left to right are Cassandra Rosebeetle, Djahari Clark, and Renata Bergen. Not pictured, Zahra Hashemian.
Also, I am writing this post on the bus back from Toronto Alternative Art and Fashion week, and it was an exhausting, amazing, uplifting, and satisfying show. More news about that when I gather up a slew of pictures!


Look for me and my costumes in IMAGOZINE‘s show at 11:15, April 22nd! More info HERE!

This year, instead of driving in, doing the show, then leaving, I will be arriving early, and leaving half a week later! I’m so happy to have a bit of extra time! Perhaps I shall even blog throughout the process… Stay tuned!