Goings on and Happenstances…

So in the 3 weeks since FAT, I have vended at the Spoutwood Farm Faery Festival with Kuriouser and Kuriouser, a collaboration and vending entity between myself and sculptress/jewelry designer Kelly Kotulak. One week later I had a spectacular photoshoot with photographer Adrian Buckmaster and hair/makeup artist Irene Delgado. A week after that, (this last weekend) I participated in a fashion show at the Steampunk World’s Faire.

And now I am resting, because no rest for 5 weeks straight makes certain Kristin’s feel like they’ve been hit by a truck that means well. And then takes their voice…
Anyway, more about most of this stuff later, when I’ve properly eaten enough spinach to knock Popeye into oblivion, and listened to enough Janis Joplin to propel a revolution! As for right now, observe the Pre-Raphaelite beauty of Adrian’s photos, as I fall into a well deserved coma.


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