Upcoming Events!

I shall be vending this event on all three weekends with Kuriouser and Kuriouser! Come see me! Come buy strange garments and accessories! Come ogle at the phenomena of physics that is my vending tent! Hope to see you there! If you are good, I might even let you look at the log that I brought all the way from Vermont to display bracelets on! More info HERE. About the faire… not the log….

This is an event I am looking forward to very much. I am dressing Desert Sin for their scintillating piece, Onania. The show has a killer line-up. Come see things that I am certain will shock, amaze, and baffle you! Certainly not for the faint of mind, weak of heart, and anyone younger than legal drinking age. It is at Galapagos Art Space, a venue worth seeing in and of itself.
Hopefully I’ve sold you on it. Now attend it! And enjoy yourself!

A Break

My hands and feet are busted. I have mastered the art of quadruple-tasking, and have found out just how possible it is to survive and revive on Gatorade and sheer will. Throwing up, passing out due to dehydration, and somehow bruising my eye socket all before an 8 hour workday seems to be telling me that working too hard might actually be a health issue.

However, for four days, I am on vacation. In Vermont. I knitted most of a sweater on the train up, and have a list of art I’ve been meaning to get around to. Let us see if it happens.
And… I just saw a moose.

Kelly Kotulak, during our test shoot for the Alice photos. Though this was taken in NJ, I think it adequately reflects my sentiments at this point.

Enchanted Menagerie!

Here are photos from the Enchanted Menagerie event, in which I had a fashion show that felt a bit like a retrospective… I dressed all my models like animals (except Olivia, who was dressed as a strange thing in a mask) from different collections of mine over the years. I am of the belief that the show would have been spectacular, even if my models were dressed in burlap sacks, since their energy and movement was so wonderful! Thank you to everyone!
Photos by Michael Gwilliam.

Model: Olivia Gagne

Model: Cassandra Rosebeetle

Model: Grant Newton

Model: Marc Robinson


Marc and Grant after the show was over.