I know that there has been a gap in my posts. This, my squidlings and squidlets, is due to the fact that I am in between computers. This puts a damper on my picture posting abilities, so here is some news that only requires me to yoink things from the internet!

One of my favorite directors, Julie Taymor, is releasing a movie based on one of my favorite plays, the Tempest. Some time ago, through Izquierdo Studio, was able to work on this project. In one scene, the character Ariel (coincidentally my favorite character) wears a dark costume made of shrapnel, and tar, and lots of other black oily things! I, along with my friend and co-worker Amy Williams, and others at Izquierdo’s, made those wings!

And I am super excited about the fact that they made it into a few seconds of the trailer! Watch, and see!