Steampunk World’s Faire 2011 photos

So SteamPunk World’s Faire is finally over, and I am still resting it off. I sponsored a band, I made Queen Victoria’s dress, I costumed said band, and I vended all weekend, as well as not sleeping a wink and participating in the fashion show.
Here are some awesome images by Babette Daniels from the fashion show, and the prep beforehand.
I also wanted to thank the awesome models who helped me out, half of whom I had not even met before that day.

Modeled by Drew Smith

Cindy Parisi

Joanna Haberman


Joanna Haberman

Me. I’m in there.

Me again..

Amber Love

Kat John Adams

Sadie Magnas

Ashley Neuhaus

Kim Sharkey

Kristin Etzold

Darlene Davidson

Kristin Etzold


Lilith Bear being helped by Liz Jacobsen of Treasures and Tales Boutique

Piles of shoes and headpieces

Some shoes I augmented to make more spiky and sparkly
What a weekend. I think it will take me months to sleep it off.. Stay tuned for more pics of the band Left Outlet all dressed up in my stuff for their performances!

A Blast from the Not So Distant Past

I have found that I don’t like to talk too much about the work I helped with at Izquierdo Studios. Perhaps I feel like it is more appropriate to talk more about my own work, because I did the majority of the work, and therefore earned bragging rights.

However, now that I’m trying to acquire a position on bigger projects, I’m having to show evidence that I have worked on some big and famous stuff.

So here, I’ll present to you some photos and footage that we at Izquierdos worked on for the 2010 Oscars. We made the costumes for all the female backup dancers, as well as costumes worn by the lovely Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Hudgens, and Beyonce. My personal role in this project was to shop for the materials, and I now think I can cut a lapel and sew a butt ruffle in my sleep. A lot of people worked on this, and I think it definitely came together nicely.

I suppose I actually will start talking more about the cool stuff Izquierdos enabled me to do. Since, after all, it is where I learned my best tricks.

Also, I have no idea why any of this is underlined. Blogger seems to be having a seizure, or might just be in a grumpy mood.

Psyche Corporation In Candyland!

Here are some photos of Psyche Corporation from the Anachronism NYC event. For this event, she was made of candy. I made her sugary dress concoction!

Here are some splendiforous photos from Babette Daniels, an extremely talented lady who is a whole lot of fun to talk to.

The following are photos from the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition in Toronto. The photos are by Joe Giammarco, and I love how the dress changes colors in the different lights!

Unfortunately, I was unable to get up to Toronto for FAT, the Alternative Arts and Fashion Week this year, which I’ve participated in via Pie magazine and Imagozine, for the past 2 years. It made me sad, but at least I had one costume up in Toronto this weekend!