Psyche Corporation In Candyland!

Here are some photos of Psyche Corporation from the Anachronism NYC event. For this event, she was made of candy. I made her sugary dress concoction!

Here are some splendiforous photos from Babette Daniels, an extremely talented lady who is a whole lot of fun to talk to.

The following are photos from the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition in Toronto. The photos are by Joe Giammarco, and I love how the dress changes colors in the different lights!

Unfortunately, I was unable to get up to Toronto for FAT, the Alternative Arts and Fashion Week this year, which I’ve participated in via Pie magazine and Imagozine, for the past 2 years. It made me sad, but at least I had one costume up in Toronto this weekend!


One thought on “Psyche Corporation In Candyland!

  1. Just stumbled across my pictures here and thought I'd say hi. That certainly is an amazing dress, glad we talked her into wearing it for the show. 🙂 Cheers!

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