Anachronism 2011

I will again be bringing my mythical and mysterious oddities to the stage for the Anachronism NYC, at Webster Hall.
I’ll be doing a Japanese themed fashion show, and I may or may not be assisting Psyche Corporation with her image on stage.
Go there! And be amaaaazed!



Here be the initial teaser shoot for my upcoming collection, “Glass Box”.
It is about breaking free from invisible restraints and is inspired by mimes.
More information and photos coming very soon.

Upcoming Projects

Ok.. Big gap in posting! BUT rest assured it is because I am busy as heck with projects you will soon see delectable pictures of!

First and foremost:
A play to take place in central park based on a Norwegian folk tale.
A music video for Psyche Corporation! I both make a few of the costumes and have a small acting part in the video, though I’ll never tell you which character I am…
Jihae is revamping and rewriting Fire Burning Rain, a show I helped her with last year! This year should be even more amazing, and I’ll be making costumes specifically for her show, rather than just using what I have already.
My spring/summer 2012 collection for September fashion week! I have a very awesome shoot planned, so stay tuned..
A long term project with Psyche Corporation in which we develop a big show that we can take on the road, complete with sets, costumes, dancers, props, and interactive performance ideas.
And aside from that, I’m preparing for FaerieCon in Baltimore, and the Geeky Kink Event in Piscataway. Lots of new strange and magical wearables will be avaliable for you to purchase, and love and nuzzle and own.
And now a picture of a weird fish to hold you over!!!