Sooo.. I made a tumblr..

I know there’s been a gap in posts. I have lots of photos to post.. But I am in a stage of slight overwhelm-ment and reevaluating certain ways to live a simpler and less stressful life. This may include not taking on every single project that I’m asked to do, in order to focus on my line. I will also be getting a regular 9 to 5 in order to fund this goal.

But aside from that, in order to decompress a little, I made a tumblr for myself, and it will serve a different purpose than this blog. This will be where I showcase and announce my personal work. Though I will probably also do that on my Tumblr blog, that one will also serve as an inspiration board. Which is particularly helpful, since my computer seems unhappy with me being an image-pack-rat.
And here is a photo of the amazing Diana Tran by the fantabulous photographer Anna Fischer. Its from my show at the January ’11 Dorian’s Parlor. Since Pictures are the main reason y’all come to my blog.