Glass Box photos by Babs Daniels

On Sunday I premiered my collection Glass Box, which took the form of mimes to express breaking free of invisible barriers, a mantra I hope to always live by. It took place at the Dumbo Lofts, hosted by Brooklyn Indie Market.
My models were amazing, I am convinced I have one of the best model teams ever, they are all so supportive and helpful to each other. Photos by none other than Babs Daniels herself.

Model: Maria Costa

Genevieve Cerri

Olivia Gagne

Maria Costa

Olivia Gagne

Kristin Etzold

Ess and Genevieve Cerri

Kim Sharkey

Ivy Dominique

Ivy Dominique

Ivy Dominique

Ivy Dominique, Melanie McShane, Setna MacBryan, Olivia Gagne, Genevieve Cerri

Ess, myself

Kristin Etzold, Lisa Franchino, Kim Sharkey

Setna Macbryan, Melanie McShane, Olivia Gagne

Setna MacBryan, Mellanie McShane, Olivia Gagne, Genevieve Cerri, Ess

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