Some Shots by Iconography By…

Here are some lovely shots done during a test shoot by my good friends over at Iconography By Eric And Christopher. They have a lovely studio in Torrington CT, and will be shooting many things for me in the future!



So I was inspired by those washed out Marc Jacobs ads, and some other similar ones I’ve been seeing lately, so I decided to play around with this photo of my Silk Cowl Dress from my Glass Box collection, modeled by my lovely sister, Maria Costa.

Lately I have been realizing that I do not have nearly enough photos of my work outside of shows that they are in, and I am trying to rectify that. I am beginning by trying out different ideas and aesthetics for the photos, since different things will work for certain collections. Stay tuned for more experiments!

Anachronism IV!

One of my outfits is in the Time Out NY ad for this December’s Anachronism event! Most likely because it depicts a magical beast…

look at the article HERE!!
I’m not sure what my part will be in the anachronism this time around, but everyone should come and experience the event for themselves!