Shoot with Iconography by…

So the second of my three new years resolutions is to have more photo shoots geared towards a high fashion aesthetic (the third is to obtain more hatboxes in which to store my unwieldy headpiece collection!).
Luckily, I have been working with Iconography by… an awesome photography duo who have been very open to experimenting with me, and patient when I speak in very un-technical vernacular (“I want her to look dusty!” or “Its too soft/shiny/flat/boring!”)
Here is a shoot containing some of the garments from the glass box collection modeled by the lovely Jennifer Parkinson. I love how she looks so vulnerable in some shots and so vicious in others!
There are a few more looks from this day of shooting, and when they are released, I shall post them as well!


On A Personal Note..

So As most people know, I rarely like to talk about my personal life, other than strange accomplishments I make, Like riding a motorcycle, or learning that banana chips and Nutella really do seem to be worth their weight in gold. I pretty much use any internet front as a way to promote my art, fashion, or business.
But I suppose an explanation is in order, due to the fact that I have been more reclusive than usual, and have been canceling on more than I’d ever allow myself to do in the past, and that isn’t fair to the people I work with, and friends that I respect and admire. Also, I’m sure people may be wondering about the reasons for my sudden new hairdo.
In the past year or so, whenever I couldn’t make it to something I previously wanted to attend, I’d usually attribute it to family stuff. And though there is tons of family drama aside from the main issues, (as in any family, I’m sure) the main reason I’ve been sticking close to home lately is that I have multiple family members who are struggling with cancer. So I can imagine that it is pretty awful to go through what they are feeling, and the most I can really do is keep them company, keep them feeling positive, and perhaps try to get better at cooking, so that the snacks I make to cheer them up aren’t so terrible.
As for the hair-do change, one family member is very self conscious about losing their hair due to treatment, so I found a website in which one can send in hair, and get a wig made from it. (Apparently a good wig takes about 3 ponytails worth of hair, but I had about 2 attached to my head, anyway. And they add some when they make it).
So I went over to my good friend Michelle, who is the only hairdresser I allow to hold scissors near my head, at Hair to Dye For. It is a fabulous salon, and the people who work there are very warm and inspiring people. And I told her of my intentions for my hair, and we had to hug and stuff before we got started.
So this is how my hair has been since I had the ability to grow it, other than a weird moment in 8th grade that I quickly regretted. Though it’s more wavy here since it had been braided all day.

And this is how it was in the middle, after we acquired the ponytails needed for my wig project. I almost had her stop cutting at this point, since it already looked really cute, but I figured if my hair is going to be completely different, we may as well play it for what it’s worth.

And here is the final result. I am completely happy with it, and have absolutely no regrets. However, I will admit, that it took me about 2 weeks to get used to having short hair. Shampooing is a strange experience now, since I no longer need half the bottle just so that the whole scalp can be invited to the party.

So aside from making a wig, another big reason for cutting my hair is that I wanted to show that things like hair are not the most important thing, even to me, a person who is used to getting it stuck in car doors and using it to cover my face when I need a good hiding place.

I suppose the moral of the story is: be good to each other! Being positive and supportive are sometimes the best forms of medicine! For any issue, pretty much, ever.
And also that I heart you all, and please do not take it as a personal affront if I am slow in responding to things. In any case, one of my 3 new years resolutions is to be better at keeping in touch and responding to people. So fingers crossed, it will work!