Another Tear Sheet!

Photos by Nikolai DeVera, Styling by Francis Urrutia. Black and white beaded collar by me.


Items I sell at Faery Festivals

I sell my products at a lot of different events. Renaissance festivals, steampunk events, bridal shows, even a horror movie event or two. Every time I vend someplace, I have to re-establish what I sell in order to fit the feel of the event. 
So this is an example of some things you might find if you were come visit me while I was vending at a  Faery festival:



This is a small selection of what I vend at Faery Festivals, but each item is unique and handmade!

Couture Fashion Week Fundraiser

Help me get to fashion week! 
I got accepted to show at Couture Fashion Week! I’m super excited! But now I have to raise funds to do it, so I am having a fund raiser that doubles as a holiday sale. So get some presents for yourself or others and help me show on a bigger stage than I’ve ever been on before!
Clicke HERE to go to my fundraiser to see what it’s all about!