New Collection!

For the first time I have designed a very small collection of ready to wear clothing, to be released with the Resort/holiday 2013 season in June!

Here are some photos of a vest piece I draped yesterday. I drape with scrap fabric, since I tend not to want to spend the money on muslin, hence the bright blue color.

I plan to make it in many different color ways, with lots of different details.

More news on the theme I’m going with soon! I’ll probably do a whole post on why the heck I’m doing a theme that might seem so out of the ordinary for me.

But for now, ogle at this vest pattern!! Long for it! And when I release it for sale, tell all your friends, neighbors, grandmas, local baristas and postal workers of the wonder that is this sleeveless jacket!


Road Trip

As much as I’d like to slip out the back door without anyone noticing, I suppose I should warn you all that my camera, all my supplies, some sewing machines, my lovely snake Spectre, and I will be taking a roadtrip for the next month or so.

It is time to “refresh my feed” so to speak.

I definitely will be blogging as much as possible about my adventures, and the idea is to add to my Etsy Shop as much as I can. I will be trying to focus on production as much as possible, as well as getting away for a while.

I am now one step closer to my dream of having an art studio on wheels…