Some Roadtrip Evidence

Not much to report yet, other than that I am setting up my studio, and training a lot for my job down here. For the rest of this week I should be finishing up some deadlines I brought along with me, so that I can hopefully get them out of the way. Then I can focus on my own work, which was one of the main reasons I came down here.
Maybe by the time I get back up north, I will have developed a ready to wear collection!


On the Road

My little snake Spectre and I are on the road! We are stopping at Croton on Hudson so I can squeeze in a last minute modeling job before I go, and then I am on my way to Georgia! My van is completely filled with the contents of my studio, and probably weighs as much as a schoolbus. Or a medium sized elephant. In any case, I will be focusing on production of my collection while I am in Georgia, both current and new, so stay tuned for more developments in my online shop!

The two photos with large rocks in them are of Columcile, a monolith park in Bangor, Pennsylvania, which is where I was yesterday, with Sarah Mariah, and Michelle Donnelly.

Road Trip

As much as I’d like to slip out the back door without anyone noticing, I suppose I should warn you all that my camera, all my supplies, some sewing machines, my lovely snake Spectre, and I will be taking a roadtrip for the next month or so.

It is time to “refresh my feed” so to speak.

I definitely will be blogging as much as possible about my adventures, and the idea is to add to my Etsy Shop as much as I can. I will be trying to focus on production as much as possible, as well as getting away for a while.

I am now one step closer to my dream of having an art studio on wheels…