Pics From the Panic! at the Disco Show

Here are some photos from last night, in which I dressed 10 models to permeate the audience before and during a concert by Panic! at the Disco.
It was probably one of the least stressful and most fun nights of dressing models ever, and I hope similar things find me in the future! Plus being paid to see a band that is a guilty pleasure of mine was pretty flippin sweet.
More on the event was also posted on Metromix, where these photos are from!

A bit more than half of us, near the end of the show.
From left to right, Marc Robinson, Haleigh Spasojevich, Kristine Shook, Ellen Alberts, Melanie McShane, and yours truly.

What the show was actually about. Is it bad that the thing I was lusting for on stage was that awesome bass guitar?

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